Are you organising a trade show or event? Do you need extra temporary storage on site? Then why not use our sturdy marquees?

These high quality aluminium marquees come in many sizes. You also have a variety of designs to choose from. For example, we can provide plastic or sailcloth walls or deliver them with a wooden floor or heater. Renting a gator or golf cart is also an option.

Whether you want to use our aluminium marquees for work or storage, or to host your corporate event or garden party: our in-house team provides professional assembly and disassembly all over Europe. You can rent the aluminium marquees for one day, one week or permanently – in other words, however long you need them!


You can confidently leave the loading and unloading of vehicles with special, heavy loads to us. Our specialized equipment, combined with safe storage, ensure extremely efficient handling. Are there complications? Where necessary, we will use our overhead crane and/or forklift.

Anything we do, we do well and in full transparency. Would you like us to store the cargo? We provide secure management, as set out in our Service Level Agreement (SLA), so you know exactly what to expect from us, and what you can count on – meaning you can rest easy.


You can also hire electric pallet trucks (electric pump trucks or pallet trucks) from us. Our pallet trucks have different lifting capacities and fork lengths. From narrow aisles to heavy goods, there is always a pallet truck to suit your job – ask us all about it!

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