Do you need support in recovering a truck or another heavy transport vehicle? We are ready to go! You can count on us to provide rapid roadside assistance and specialized recovery services 24/7. 

Thanks to our years of experience in incident management and our extensive fleet we can handle every breakdown or recovery job with expertise. No wonder that we have been considered the most reliable and dependable recovery partner in the Netherlands for so long!


Increasing traffic volume is causing more and more accidents and breakdowns. This leads to traffic congestion, which puts a heavy strain on our mobility. The result? A major economic cost to our society.

To reduce traffic congestion and limit economic harm, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management introduced the Incident Management (IM) scheme. Under that scheme, when a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident on motorways (A roads) and major roads (N roads), a certified recovery company is immediately called in to move the vehicle to the nearest safe location. We work closely with the Ministry and actively pursue the development and testing of faster and more efficient recovery methods.


Do you have a request, suggestion or mark? Everything and your contact form and get in touch with you. For peach injuries, calamities and other speech injuries you can contact us on Wednesday 7 days a week 24 hours a day on 030-2415060.

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