Modern is a family business at heart. Generation after generation has been hard at work on innovation as the basis for further growth. We started small in the 1930s, but now, more than 85 years later, we are a household name in the Utrecht area, and provide nationwide coverage for various recovery, transportation and lifting jobs.

Whatever we do in the coming years, our service will remain highly personalized. You can't be successful without the human touch!



''The drive to
your solution!''




Our mission statement? Anything we do, we do well! Thanks to our team of experienced specialists, we keep the Netherlands moving 24/7. How do we make that happen? By focusing on solutions, responding appropriately and constantly innovating.


Modern is affiliated with Road Partners, an alliance of leading salvage and recovery companies from South Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. Together we form a broad international network that brings together all salvage and recovery specialties. This joining of forces allows us to work together even smarter and deliver added value to our customers.

The companies affiliated with Road Partners each have their own specialties, with our company providing additional support in the crane rental and tent rental domains.


Do you have a request, suggestion or mark? Everything and your contact form and get in touch with you. For peach injuries, calamities and other speech injuries you can contact us on Wednesday 7 days a week 24 hours a day on 030-2415060.

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