Did your vehicle break down during your journey? Then we are happy to help! We can recover and transport any type of vehicle  – either light (weighing up to 3,500 kg) or heavy – to a safe location.

We work for all major roadside assistance providers and emergency centres. Our approach is to repair broken-down vehicles at the road side as much as possible. If repair is not possible, we will discuss how to transport the vehicle to a dealer or garage using the necessary vehicles, cranes and machines from our advanced fleet. We will make sure that your vehicle is transported within a maximum of three days.


Every damaged vehicle is stored safely by us pending its final destination. Recovery and transportation costs will be reimbursed according to your insurer's policy terms.

Depending on your insurance's terms and conditions, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle. If so,  you can choose between a replacement car provided by DriveOn, AVN or Rentrunner. After use, you must return the car clean, refuelled and within regular business hours to a drop-off location, as shown on the DriveOn, AVN and Rentrunner websites.


Do you have a request, suggestion or mark? Everything and your contact form and get in touch with you. For peach injuries, calamities and other speech injuries you can contact us on Wednesday 7 days a week 24 hours a day on 030-2415060.

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