Our primary area of expertise is recovering heavy vehicles: trucks, coaches, cranes, semi-trailers or trailers weighing more than 3,500 kilograms.

If a coach or truck breaks down or is involved in an accident, this greatly affects traffic flow and usually leads to long traffic jams. To limit the resulting economic harm, the Dutch government has set up an Incident Management (IM) scheme for trucks, also known as the CMV Scheme.

Our team of heavy vehicle recovery specialists is trained to handle emergencies as carefully and efficiently as possible. Thanks to our advanced fleet of recovery vehicles, cranes and machines we can make sure that the road is cleared for other road users as quickly as possible. In addition to carefully towing the stranded vehicle, we will also provide safe storage for any cargo.


We like to lead the way in terms of innovations. To maximize traffic flow, we invest a lot of time and energy into developing faster and better recovery methods. And this has proven successful! In close cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, we tested a new recovery method with air cushions that can be used for overturned trucks. It was a first for the Netherlands, and the method has proved to be so effective that it is now used nationwide!


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