Transport is one of our core activities. We distinguish between transporting trucks and cars, other heavy vehicles and machines, special goods, and exclusive cars. You can read more about it on this page. Would you like to see the vehicles, cranes and other machines we have to provide different services? Check out our fleet page!

This multi-purpose fleet, coupled with our extensive network, puts us in the perfect position to handle any transportation assignment.


Transporting cars, vans, trucks and coaches is a specialized job. Each type of vehicle has its own dimensions, characteristics and peculiarities. So loading multiple vehicles onto what is termed a "multi-loader" is often quite a puzzle – except for our team!

Because we have several vehicles in different configurations, we offer a suitable solution for every job. Our fleet is continuously updated and renewed so we can transport vehicles damage-free and in the most (cost) efficient way,

But what really sets us apart from the rest? Our flexible attitude and rapid planning. Try us out!


In addition to cars, vans, trucks and coaches, Modern transports other heavy vehicles and machines, including agricultural tractors, excavators, boom lifts, forklifts, steered drilling machines, tracked vehicles and steam engines. You name it, we have a suitable transport solution for it!

Thanks to our extensive fleet, we can always use the right means of transportation. In many cases, the equipment itself must be loaded and unloaded on site. But that's a breeze for our technically trained drivers!


Do you have special goods that need to be transported? As a total solution transporter, we are happy to help you. Whatever your request, we pull out all the stops to get your special goods to their destination as economically and efficiently as possible. We are your tailored transport team!

Whether you need a container truck, a semi-low loader, a motor truck with a loader crane or a closed motor truck with a tailgate, we can arrange it. For any special transport, we have the right vehicles and the right people! You can also count on our expertise in transporting fragile (glass) objects or outsize cargo.


Some cars are too beautiful, precious and valuable to just be quickly put on transport. But don't worry, we have the perfect transportation solution for lovely motors like these: an enclosed, fully secure trailer that leaves nothing to chance, taking exclusive cars to their destination with the utmost care. Want to travel with your car(s) and admire it/them from a viewing window every once in a while? Then take a seat in our homely living room cabin at the front of the trailer and make yourself comfortable. Bon voyage!


Do you have a request, suggestion or mark? Everything and your contact form and get in touch with you. For peach injuries, calamities and other speech injuries you can contact us on Wednesday 7 days a week 24 hours a day on 030-2415060.

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